Anthony Buonaspina, Founder & CEO

Computer and Technology Expert

Anthony holds dual degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He received his BSEE/ BSCS in Electrical Design Engineering and Computer Science from Polytechnic Institute of New York University.  He has over 30 years experience in hardware design and software programming. He has worked as a Digital Electrical Engineer on several commercial and government projects specializing in miniaturization of electronic equipment. Anthony specializes in computer and cloud networking and has collaborated with clients and third parties on creating custom software designs and is a web presence and accessibility expert.

Anthony Buonaspina

In 1995 he founded GRQ Innovations, Inc. which is now known as LI Tech Advisors, a computer consulting firm that addresses the business computing and software needs of corporations across the country. Anthony is also the founder of Computer Techniques, Inc. (1990-1995), which was a successful computer company specializing in custom made computer systems and software. Out of college, Anthony worked as a Senior Design Engineer at Hazeltine Corporation (1982 – 1990), where he was the Electrical Engineer on several government projects, holding top secret and black level clearances. He specialized in miniaturization of electronic equipment and introduced and integrated computer aided design systems into various Hazeltine programs.

Anthony is an accessibility expert in compliance and best practices for federal and international standards and protocols in the development and designing of accessible digital offerings, websites, mobile apps and work environments for people with disabilities. He has led the accessiblity remediation effors for clients such as Morgan Stanley, Cablevision, Suffolk County, Washington State, and Royal Caribbean.