Mike Buonaspina

Fixing Slow Cellphone Data

It’s 2019, you have “full bars,” and yet your cellphone data seems to be getting worse and worse.

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Open NAT on Xbox Creates Best Multiplayer Experience

Whether video game aficionados are seeking updates and bug fixes or just playing with friends online, their user…

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Top Tech Myths Explained

Technology is constantly changing and with the information overload hitting consumers in every direction, it’s hard to filter…

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Prepare Your Network for 5G

Since Verizon and AT&T are gearing up to support a new 5G infrastructure, planning ahead will be necessary…

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Best Practices for Creating & Protecting Your Passwords

Passwords used to be a secure mechanism because users would have to follow a number of rules. These…

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Amazon Purchases Router Company Eero

Amazon, the original “online bookstore,” has pivoted as a company several times and is now trying to take…

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Have You Been Spoofed?

  Recently, there has been an increase in the number of spoofing accounts targeting important people at different…

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Amazon’s Echo-Auto Pre-orders over 1 Million Units!

Amazon recently told TechCrunch that they have had over a million pre-order requests for the Echo Auto, the…

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Most young people check their email every day, with some even getting hundreds of emails an hour! Did…

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