Mike Buonaspina

Amazon’s Echo-Auto Pre-orders over 1 Million Units!

Amazon recently told TechCrunch that they have had over a million pre-order requests for the Echo Auto, the amazon Alexa device made specifically for automobiles. Currently, these have not been released to the public, but have been made available to a select group of people through a special invite program. According to an article in The Independent, the full price of the item when it is released will be $49.99. This is a great move for after-market car accessories and can potentially show the

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Most young people check their email every day, with some even getting hundreds of emails an hour! Did you ever stop and wonder if your email address is safe? Could it possibly be COMPROMISED by Russians or other hackers? Hackers can infiltrate your email and steal your contacts, pose as you to transfer funds from […]

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