Will Google Influence the Future of Gaming?

Could Google finally be getting ready to take over gaming, as they have with just about every other industry? According to various news sites, Google will be kicking-off the Game Developers Conference with a major announcement. To build up the suspense, Google released a 37-second teaser showing scenes from potential fantasy/sci-fi games.

Meanwhile, there are rumors circulating that Google will be partnering with Ubisoft to release “Project Stream,” a video game streaming service through Google Chrome that has already received positive feedback after beta testing.

This is the most exciting gaming news of the year, considering that up until now, Google has had little to no presence in world of video games. Some people think Google’s announcement involves the creation of a gaming dongle that plugs into the TV and streams games, whereas others think it will be the development of dedicated hardware (such as a Google console). Though this is all speculation, the one thing that people are sure to agree with is that, whatever Google has created, IT WILL ROCK!

The GDC is a live event that will be streamed everywhere on March 19th at 1 PM EST. Google has a lot to prove. The world is waiting to see if they can rise to the occasion and come to dominate the gaming market!