10 Useful Apps for Educators

Teacher Tech Tips

Technology can have huge educational benefits for both teachers and students. Below are 10 useful technology tools teachers should consider trying!

  1. ThinkCERCA: This tech tool helps teachers create assignments for students that further their critical thinking skills. A specific text can be assigned to each student so that it is appropriate for their reading level. Teachers can also grade work and give students individual feedback.
  2. Remind101: This allows teachers to send announcements and updates to students and their parents as text messages. The advantage of this app is its privacy. Teachers do not need to give out their personal phone number to students, and vice versa.
  3. LightSail: This useful tool is for assignments and homework. With over 80,000 texts available, teachers can set challenges for their students and see who hasn’t done enough reading.
  4. TooNoisy: This app detects the background noise of a classroom. If it gets too loud, an alarm will go off. It’s ideal for teachers who like a quiet classroom.
  5. FineTune: With FineTune, teachers rate and give feedback on sample essays. One can also see other ratings from experienced teachers.
  6. Edmodo: Already extremely popular, this app allows teachers to check if their students are hitting goals and standards for the class.
  7. Gradebook Pro: This is one of the best apps to help teachers manage their classes. Attendance is also included!
  8. BloomBoard: This app is used for schools to give feedback and training to their teachers. It offers classroom observations as well as real-time chats with educators.
  9. GoConqr: Teachers create lessons using “Mindmap, in addition to Note-taking, Flashcard, and Quiz making tools.”
  10. BetterLesson: This tool has pre-disposed lesson plans for English and Math created by master teachers. Notes and video summaries on how to use each plan from the “master teachers are also included.