3 Useful Computer Tips for the New Year

Even if you think you know everything there is to know about computers, there will always be new ways to sharpen your skills. Here are three tech tips to help you be more efficient as you head into the New Year!

Have you ever accidentally closed out of a tab while using an internet browser? Unfortunately, most of us have. You can restore your most recent tab by pressing Ctrl + Shift + T to get you back to what you were doing. (This command is also usable on Macs by using Cmd + Shift + T.)

Windows computers come with a tool called Window Snapping, which lets you drag your window to a particular side of the screen. This makes it easier to look at 2 windows side by side. Many people don’t know this powerful tool is possible even without using the mouse. Pressing the Windows Key + Arrow Key (in direction of which side you want the window to be on), will cause a window to snap to each side of the monitor. Alternatively, hitting Shift + Windows Key + Arrow Key will cause the window to jump between monitors, making it easier to switch your window between monitors.

Finally, if you’ve ever needed to capture a screenshot of your monitor, there are several ways to do so. Many people know of the Print Screen button, which takes a picture of the whole screen and copies it for you. This lets you paste the screenshot into a word document, email, and the like. An easier way to accomplish this, though, is by using the Snipping Tool, which comes with windows. This let’s snip either a portion or the entirety of your screen and snaps a picture for you.  (If you are on a Mac, using Cmd + Shift + 3 will let you take a screenshot of the entire screen, while Cmd + Shift + 4 will let you take a portion of your screen, similar to the Snipping Tool.)

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