Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster Recovery Plan

Why do you need a disaster recovery plan?

Preparing a disaster recovery plan (DRP) is crucial to running and operating a business. Regardless of the industry, when an unforeseen event occurs and interrupts day-to-day operations, there must be a recovery plan in place to get your business back up and running. By not investing in a DRP, you could risk hours or even days of potential downtime. This could result in a huge loss of productivity and revenue. When a DRP is in place, you can have peace of mind knowing your data is safe.

When creating a disaster recovery policy, it’s important to identify your critical data, define your recovery plan, and be prepared to execute it. At LI Tech Advisors, we strongly recommend using a hybrid backup solution consisting of cloud-based backups as well as on-site backups; the combination of the two provides full data coverage and continuity.