Top Tech Myths Explained

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Technology is constantly changing and with the information overload hitting consumers in every direction, it’s hard to filter out the “noise.” According to a survey by, here are the popular tech myths of 2019:

1. Charging a cellphone overnight can ruin the battery.

Although 52% of people still believe this, modern smartphones do NOT let an overload happen. Once the internal lithium-ion battery hits 100% of its capacity, charging stops. It will check the battery life when it falls to 98-97%, then charge it up again.

2. Smartphones with more megapixels capture better pics.

Despite the 86% who believe this, the truth is that more megapixels mean higher resolution, not better quality. The lens and sensors play more important roles in image quality. If you have an old or outdated lens, you’re still going to take a blurry photo even with all the megapixels that your heart desires.

3. You must shut down your computer every night for it to run properly.

It’s true that 30% of people still follow this practice, but any computer from the last 20 years has great power management settings that allow you to keep it “on.” You might need to restart it occasionally to install updates and patches, but for the most part, leaving it on is fine.

Bonus Myths:

  • The Biggest “DOWNLOAD” button is the correct one. (It usually isn’t.)
  • You can’t be tracked using incognito mode. (You very easily can be.)
  • .org websites are for organizations only. (Anyone can make them: only .gov / .edu / .mil are U.S. regulated.)
  • Apple devices can’t get viruses. (They sure can.)