Think You Have a Virus?

Don’t you just hate when you see annoying popups on your computer? Today, there are many threats that consumers need to be informed about so that they can use the web safely. There are some tell-tale signs that your computer may be infected, but there are quick and simple solutions that can be followed to remove the malware and protect your computer from future harm.

Sign #1: Your computer takes a long time to load and has been running slowly.

Does this behavior happen when your computer is booting up? You may need to check your RAM on the computer. To do this, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE on they keyboard and look at the performance tab of the Task Manager. This will give some insight on how much ram you are using and if anything is being overtaxed.

Maybe the OS has not been updated in a while. The easiest way to check your OS is to open windows updater from the start menu. After checking for updates, it will automatically install the needed updates. You may need to restart your computer for it to take effect, however.

Sign #2: Random ads keep popping up on your screen.

This can happen if there is spyware on the computer, or if you are letting notifications happen on Chrome. The best way to check for spyware is by going to and going to “free download” on the top right of the site. Running the scan after installing will let you know if it cleaned any spyware or malware on the computer. CCleaner is also a recommended program to download and it will clean up the unneeded files on the computer.

If you are using Google Chrome, you’ll also want to check the Notifications Center. By launching Chrome and going to the URL “chrome://settings/content/notifications,” you can stop notifications from popping up here as well.

Sign #3: You are running out of disk space.

Image result for low disk space

To fix this problem, you can run disk cleanup.

After clicking off some of the checkboxes, you can get rid of unwanted and temporary files. The other fix for this is to download CCleaner, which will automatically fix some issues and delete files that are not in use anymore.

Can you avoid being infected by viruses or malware? The short answer is YES. By making sure your computer has been recently updated, has an active antivirus and is using some smart browsing habits, you will be able to stay malware-free. As an added tip, don’t open suspicious emails or go to unsafe websites. Also, never call the support number that pops up onto your screen claiming to be a company. No legitimate company will provide their number and lock you out of the computer.