Luvozo SAM Robot for Seniors

Technology is improving every day. This advancement, and the ones yet to come, have ensured a better quality of life for everyone, especially the seniors in our lives.

The Amazon Echo and Google Home are both excellent home robotic assistants. However, for our seniors, the Luvozo SAM Robot is in a league of its own.

The Luvozo SAM Robot offers “frequent and personalized check-ins…Media and communications portal for hands-free video and calling, [and] continuous and automated environmental fall hazard assessments” It ensures that seniors can communicate with the ones they love frequently and easily, especially in the case of an unexpected injury.

Luvozo has worked alongside care staff and industry professionals to help create a safe living environment. It offers piece of mind for those who do not live with their elderly family members, or who are unable to physically check-in as often as they would like.

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