Avoid the Reset Button with 1Password

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How many times have you forgotten your password for a website and had to reset it? With 1Password, you’ll never have that problem again. 1Password lets you save all your online passwords and allows you to log into sites with a simple click. This popular password manager started out as a Mac program and eventually was released for Windows, iOS, and Android.

When you want to use 1Password, click on the browser extension or icon that appears in the login entry box. It allows you to see all the account logins in your vault that are available for that website. You can either click on the account you want to use and let 1Password log you in automatically, or you can right click and copy the username and password to enter manually.

1Password not only stores passwords, but also saves card numbers, router passwords, bank accounts, drivers licenses, passports, and social security numbers. It uses the industry standard 256-bit AES encryption for storing your information. 1Password is so secure that even if every computer on the planet worked to crack a single key, it would take 77 septillion years!

1Password uses a zero-knowledge model, meaning that your master password isn’t stored on a server or locally. You can unlock your vault of passwords with one master password that only YOU know. Keep in mind that this also means that if you forget your master password, the support team won’t be able reset it for you.

One thing that draws people to use 1Password as opposed to competitors such as Dashlane and LastPass is that 1Password performs tasks in an attractive and navigable way. Not only is this true for the mobile app, but also for the desktop program, the mini app that comes with it, and the browser extension. Compared to other password managers, 1Password is also loaded with features. Some of these features are multi-device sync, support for autofill on mobile, and the ability to manage multiple vaults of passwords.

The only drawback of this app is that it isn’t free. You can buy a single user membership for $2.99 a month, or a family membership for 5 accounts at the cost of $4.99 a month. 1Password also offers team accounts at $3.99 a month and business accounts at $7.99 a month. Each membership also comes with a 30-day free trial before purchasing, so you can test it out before you decide if it’s worth the purchase.