How to Avoid Traffic During your Holiday Travels

Here are some wonderful apps that will help you eliminate any Holiday Traffic Woes.

WAZE for iOS and Android is an app that works as a GPS for your phone. It also has built in “social features” to let users post relevant updates, such as if there’s traffic up ahead or if there’s been a major accident. Waze can then suggest a new and UPDATED route to save you time! These updates can also warn you of hazards like stopped vehicles, or other information like red light cameras and police presence. Driving in an unfamiliar place? WAZE also tells you the current speed limit.

Google Maps for iOS and Android is another GPS app for your phone. Since Google’s parent company (Alphabet) owns both WAZE and Google, they invest heavily into GPS navigation services to stay ahead of the curve. Google Maps determines traffic patterns based on the movement of its traveler’s phones (unlike WAZE, which relies on user-entered data). As users begin to slow down on the road due to high traffic volume, Google Maps recognizes that the phones are not moving as quickly, and the app begins to generate traffic alerts and suggest alternate routes.

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