How to Freeze Your Child’s Phone Using ReplyASAP

Have you ever waited endlessly for your child to reply to your text messages?

Parents can be anxious when sons and daughters don’t respond promptly, especially when they are far away from home. Nick Herbert was tired of his son always ignoring his text messages, so he decided to provide a solution in the form of an app called “ReplyASAP.” This App is designed to lock a child’s phone until he or she responds to a parent by text message. If the phone is on silent, it will also set off an alarm to get the user’s attention.

This app gives parents a direct line to their children in the case of an emergency. According to an article in The Telegraph, the app has been downloaded over 100,000 times since its launch in August 2017. Although it is currently only available on Android, it will soon be coming to iOS as well.

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