If This, Then That (IFTTT)

Have you ever tried to get the latest updates on your favorite blog, or tried to automate a computer process? If you have, then this app is for you. “If This, Then That” or IFTTT, is an app on both Android and iOS that helps all your devices work together.  Users can create logic statements which pair up internet-enabled services to devices in ways that make life easier.

To get started, open the IFTTT app and select your trigger. The trigger is the “if” part of your statement. In this example, we’ll use the Apple App Store. Select whatever trigger you’d like from the App Store. I will be using the “App price dropped” option.

Enter the name of the app and the dollar amount you would like to receive notifications on. Once you hit “create trigger,” it will ask you to choose the action – or the “then” part of the statement. I have selected Gmail as my action service. Once you sign in and authenticate into Gmail, you are finished.

What did you just create? Whatever app and price you entered for the “trigger” is now linked to your Gmail. For example, if you entered Snapchat and $3.00, you will now receive an email when Snapchat is under $3.00 on the Apple App Store. (Obviously Snapchat is free, this was just an example!)

You just created your first If/Then logic statement, so what will you do next? The possibilities are endless!