Amazon Purchases Router Company Eero

Amazon, the original “online bookstore,” has pivoted as a company several times and is now trying to take on the Smart Home race against Google. With their recent acquisition of the RING company (smart doorbells and cameras) in February 2018, they have expanded onto the backbone of the smart home: The Network.

Eero was the first to market a “mesh network” type of router for homes. Using a mesh network means you can plug in one Eero device and keep adding them without having to configure each one as a router / access point / extender. It allows for redundancy when connecting devices to the internet. It also has great data analytics…which is what Amazon desperately needs. Their devices are ONLY as strong as the customer’s network. Amazon can now see how Echos, Dash buttons and Wands, FireTVs and Firesticks, Ring doorbells, laptops and all other wireless devices use and rely on the network.

This acquisition will complete the missing piece of the Smart Home puzzle that Amazon was lacking. But just remember with all this data, Amazon can now increase what they know about you:

  • They can now see ALL your internet search history
  • They can physically track your movement. If you buy 2 or more Eero routers, they can triangulate your location.

These added features help them build a “profile” for you to suggest ads / items to you.