Megacharger Stations for Tesla

As useful as electric cars are, they do not get very far without the need to stop and re-charge. According to Tesla’s website, the company has built a network of 1,359 Supercharger stations for this purpose, providing drivers with a place to charge their vehicles and also grab a quick bite to eat.

Recently, Tesla has been opening new Megacharger stations in more commonplace areas to make this process less inconvenient for truck drivers. The Megacharger stations will provide enough battery life for trucks to drive a range of 400 miles. Tesla also boasts that the wait time for drivers who stop to charge their vehicles will take “as little as 30 minutes.”

Tesla has also released its Model 3 car as a more affordable option to break into the electric car world. Tesla is building up its consumer base and simultaneously working to alleviate the challenges of owning and operating an electric car. This should convince more people to invest in Tesla vehicles in the future.