Why Small Businesses Need Cybercrime Protection

According to billionaire investor Warren Buffet, cyberattacks are the biggest threat to mankind – even more of a threat than nuclear weapons. Here are some statistics to support his claim:

https://www.businessinsider.com/warren-buffett-cybersecurity-berkshire-hathaway-meeting-2017-5 for more information about Buffet’s concerns

 “We’re small…nobody wants to hack us.” This is what every hacker hopes you believe and is the #1 reason people (and companies) get hacked. They dismiss the importance of IT security because they’re only a “tiny business.”

The fact of the matter is, no one is immune to cybercrime! One in five small businesses fall victim to cybercrime each year.

If you aren’t giving IT security the attention it deserves, how do you think your clients will feel about that? If your system gets compromised, hackers will now have access to your client’s information, which they can use for phishing, scams and virus-laden spam.

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