Software Management

What is included in our Software Management Packages?

  LI Tech Advisors offers a variety of Software Management Packages which include managed updates of software programs such as Java, Flash, Adobe, anti-virus, Windows server, web browser updates plus more. We offer the capability to schedule updates at specific dates and times as well as throttling software updates to include or exclude certain computers within your network.

Why is managing software updates so important?

  Managing the updates for software programs is of utmost importance to ensure that updates won’t interfere with other software programs you’re currently using. It’s very possible that updates from one program can create issues and prevent the use of another program. With the ability to schedule updates we can negate this negative interference so you’re not hit with unexpected updates that can disrupt your network during business hours.

  Our ability to throttle updates provides the ability to prevent updates being pushed through to individual or certain groups of computer within your network. For example, we can disable specific software updates for all billing/accounting computers to prevent possible software bugs with other accounting programs on these computers with time sensitive and important information.

  In addition, scheduling and throttling software updates is essential to ensure that no security holes are exposed within your network.

Ask about our different package levels to find out which best fits your needs!