Hear what our clients have to say about us!

“LI Tech has changed the way our Monday mornings begin. In the past, teachers would be calling into the office with various computer/printer problems at the very beginning of the work week. This was not a good way to start the day or week. Now, because of good communication and some offsite problem solving, it is rare that there is grumbling and frustration with our technology!”

— Mrs. Denise Seck

Maria Regina School

“LI Tech Advisors is always there for us! No work request tickets, no missed calls or unresponsive emails…our IT at Telecare Television is up to date, innovative and fully supported by the expert consultation and fantastic customer service of LI Tech Advisors. I couldn’t give them a higher recommendation!”

— Rev. Msgr. James C. Vlaun

Telecare TV

“LI Tech Advisors did excellent work in our school. After multiple issues with our servers and Internet connectivity, LI Tech stabilized our network and solved all of our technology issues. They provided excellent consultation on all our technology purchases. LI Tech even trained our teachers how to use the new technologies we purchased in the classroom. Through working with many Catholic elementary schools, they understand how a school functions and can accurately anticipate and cater to the school’s technology needs. LI Tech offers reliable service and truly cares about their customers. I would highly recommend LI Tech Advisors services to any school.”

— Anthony Trombino

St. Patrick’s School and Parish, Huntington

“Of course, I would need pages to tell how grateful I am for LI Tech’s guidance and reliability through the last seven years. When I first arrived here there was little to no technology in the building — with their guidance I was able to explore all avenues and grants available to purchase not only technology for everyday classroom use but also equipment for a TV studio, lighting and sound equipment for our Theatrical Arts department and musical instruments. The best part is that LI Tech keeps us up and running 24/7!! LI Tech Advisors and their staff are always available to solve our issues by phone or in person!”

— Louise Krol

Our Lady of Lourdes School, West Islip

“Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church has found LI Tech Advisors to be especially helpful in quickly diagnosing and solving our technology problems. Our system was spotty and it seemed that connectivity issues and server problems were never fixed to the point of being 100% reliable until LI Tech came on the job. They quickly found the problems and came up with solutions that were not patchwork quick-fixes, but rather actual permanent solutions. In addition, we have found their technicians to be extremely pleasant and helpful to work with. They always respond to our problems quickly and accurately. With other companies in the past we had problems with getting call-backs; we have never had that issue with LI Tech. LI Tech always responds to calls, especially emergency ones, in a timely manner. Most importantly, it is our experience that LI Tech avoids a “one size fits all” approach and instead takes the time to really take into consideration unique situations and circumstances. The nature of our building presented some challenges with internet and cell phone signals, but LI Tech solved them all in an exemplary fashion. We are extremely happy with their services and would have no hesitation or reservations about recommending LI Tech Advisors to others.”

— Reverend Monsignor Joseph DeGrocco

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church