What Kind of IT Support Do Accountants Need? We’ve Got it.

Accounting IT Services

Looking for IT Support that Helps You Drive Billable Hours While Streamlining and Securing Workflow?

Whether you’re working solo or are a part of a small to medium-sized firm, certain necessities like IT safety, the security of data, ease of use, and flexibility can’t be ignored.

LI Tech Advisors’ staff includes employees with as much as 30 years of experience in hardware design and software programming. We understand what accounting firms need from their IT support team.

  • Experienced Professionals – We thoroughly understand your industry-specific challenges – cybersecurity, location flexibility, data availability, and optimal uptime.
  • Data Security – Data security is important in every profession, but perhaps only in accounting does it have such serious consequences.

That’s why LI Tech provides the latest in privacy and security protocols to restrict network access according to role, increase firewall security, and encrypt communications - just to name a few.

  • Technical Support – Our IT support professionals are available to your team to answer questions and to deal with any troubleshooting concerns. Whether you’re in your workplace, at a client’s office, or sitting in a coffee shop with remote access, you will never be without secured access to your data.

Tired of Hearing All the Stuff We Do and Want to Know Our Endgame?

a person’s hands on a calculator at their computer workstation

Here it is: We’re here to leverage technology to help you get to where you want to go.

We form strategic partnerships with our clients to help them achieve the following by leveraging the latest in information and technology practices:

  • Increased Sales

  • Better Clients

  • Higher Profitability

  • Increased Productivity

  • Boosted Company Morale

  • Improved Shareholder Value

  • Better ROI

  • Early ownership transition and retirement

  • More time spent with family

  • A budget for expenses – including technology and IT support

  • Business processes that flow effortlessly – powered by technology that consistently “just works right”


What are the Benefits of Working with LI Tech’s Accounting IT Specialists?

  • Improved productivity

  • Regular software updates for increased security

  • Expert installations and upgrades with all versions of QuickBooks

  • Priority IT support for accounting firms during tax season

  • Remote login to computers and access to data and programs

  • Easy access to real-time financial data

  • Improved tools for collaboration and communication

  • Mobile device support and workflow integration

How Can I Be Sure My Client Data is Safe?

With cybercrime at an all-time high, companies across the world make data security their number one priority. Though many companies believe that employing a full-time IT technician to deal strictly with security is the answer, this solution is far too costly for most businesses to afford. Moving to security services with LI Tech Advisors offers accounting and financial services companies with cybersecurity backed by strict protocols governing systems configurations designed to safeguard critical client data.

What IT Services Do We Offer Accounting Firms?