Custom Software Development

Your business software needs are unique. You know what you need. We know how to make it. Custom software for your business creates the solutions you need at your fingertips.

Why Custom Software?

LI Tech Advisors can empower your team and streamline your workflow with exactly the software solutions your team and company need.

With thousands of business and general-use programs to choose from, why order custom software?

Every business workflow is unique, and software made for everyone may not perfectly suit your needs. You may find industry software is clunky without the finesse and tools that would best empower your team. You may find that general-use software is too much for end-users and not configured for a professional team. Perhaps your stack doesn't work together or the existing software causes its own problems.

Custom software is designed from the ground up with your company's purpose and workflow in mind. Our LI Tech devs will bring your vision of the perfect workflow to life with the tools, dashboards, and features your team needs to thrive. It doesn't matter if existing software does (or doesn't do) what you need, the right custom software can transform your workflow for efficiency, ease of use, and a unique brand experience.

Custom Software on Long Island

When Custom Software is the Right Answer

  • Your current software isn't doing everything you need
    • Your team needs tools they don't have
    • Your ideal workflow can't be built with current software
  • You have a new and innovative idea that doesn't exist anywhere
  • You want to provide your team or customers with a unique solution or toolkit
  • You know how you would improve your current software stack, but no pre-existing program does what you need
    • You want specific advanced features, but not an over-inflated program that does more than you need
    • The solutions you want are overpriced in the As-a-Service marketplace

What Can You Do with Custom Software Development? Enterprise Management Software

Design the ideal software solution for your business, managing every element of the business from top to bottom based on your unique business model. Why settle for generic management software with features that don't fit when you can have the perfect software solution for your workflow?

Advanced Dashboards and Control Panels

Give yourself the dashboards and controls your team really needs to thrive in their roles. The right readout with data from your entire stack can help unify and streamline your workflow. The right switches and controls make oversight easier than ever.

Integrate the Cloud

Already migrated to the cloud? No problem. Our custom software development can handle cloud integration, cloud-based stacks, and virtual servers with equal assurance.

Customer-Facing Platforms and Apps

Of course, custom software isn't just for the backend. Let us transform your customer experience with a truly unique software platform, app, or portal designed on your brand's purpose and core principles.

Combine and Simplify Existing Solutions

Do you have three programs doing a job that one really efficient program could do? We can take the features you need and cut out the features you don't to create a custom solution that will simplify and streamline your workflow.

Custom Cybersecurity Upgrade

Not all industry software is as secure as it should be. You can be sure LI Tech custom software is built with cutting-edge and top-of-the-line cybersecurity measures.

Specific Software Tools

Need a specific software tool? Little tools can make a big difference. Need a program that calculates the cost per square foot or CPU demand per cycle? Just tell us about the tool you need and we'll make it work, make it modular, and build it into any dashboard you require.

Integrated Stack Solutions and APIs

Does your stack work together well? Could you use a more efficient API? LI Tech developers can smooth out your stack with custom software to fill the gaps or custom APIs to better connect the programs you are already using.

Custom Software with LI Tech Advisors

Does your Long Island business need a custom software solution? From a custom tool to a full-stack overhaul, LI Tech Advisors is here to craft exactly the software solutions that your business needs. Contact us to start building your ideal software solution.

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