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Is your Long Island business website ADA Compliant? LI Tech Advisors works with organizations across Long Island to ensure they meet the website guidelines for ADA compliance.

Accessibility - Making Your Website Accessible to All Users

LI Tech Advisors will help prepare your website to meet ADA compliance standards. When you partner with us you gain access to a team that offers Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) capabilities that will determine whether your website is accessible for users of all abilities.

CPACC Certified
Digital Accessibility on Long Island

What is Digital Accessibility?

Digital accessibility and ADA compliance are about making your website content available to everyone, including those with sensory or motor control disabilities. Those who cannot see to read your content, hear your videos or audio, or operate the website with fine mouse control would likely still benefit from your business.

The certified accessibility experts of LI Tech Advisors can make your website accessible to all users, even those whose abilities are different from the norm. After all, normal isn't what we think it is. 26% or 1 in 4 people in the US are living with a disability, according to the CDC. 13% of adults have a mobility impairment. 6% of all adults have hearing disabilities and 5% of adults live with significant visual impairment.

A website that is ADA compliant is one with features that provide accessibility to those who might not be able to operate your website normally. Fortunately, all it takes is forethought and expert design consideration to build accessibility into every element of your website.

The Three Types of Website Accessibility

Visual Accessibility om Long Island
Visual Accessibility
Consider users with visual impairments. This includes blindness, blurred vision, light sensitivity, color blindness, cognitive processing, and night blindness. Solutions for impaired vision include zoom-friendly content, color correction, and simplified pages.

For those who cannot see, text to speech is a must. Providing vivid alt-text descriptions of images can also bring photos to life for those who can't see your graphics.
Audio Accessibility on Long Island
Audio Accessibility
If you have video or podcast content, make it accessible to your deaf and hearing-impaired audiences. Always create a well-timed closed-caption for videos and provide a separate downloadable transcript for audio media.
Motor Control Accessibility on Long Island
Motor Control Accessibility
Finally, there is motor control accessibility. Not everyone has the dexterity or full limb control to operate a mouse and keyboard the typical way. Your orthopedically impaired users typically use keyboards or have their own custom control systems, but need keyboard-friendly navigation for your website to be accessible. LI Tech Advisors will help you ensure that your website has all the standard key-to-nav controls that make for easy mouse-free access.

LI Tech Advisors Will Test Your ADA Compliance

The LI Tech Advisors team takes accessibility seriously. We can test your website to determine its level of ADA compliance, and facilitate any website upgrades with our partner Deque, whose team offers fully certified CPWA expertise.

ADA remediation doesn't have to be difficult. We specialize in providing the insights your team needs to ensure the successful implementation of ADA-compliant features.

Benefits of Accessibility for Your Company

Website ADA compliance isn't just good for your differently-abled customers. There are also direct benefits to your business for improving your website accessibility.
Market Reach
1/4 of all US adults are living with a disability. An accessible website opens up your potential audience to what it should be instead of an artificial limitation based on ability.

Should the blind be able to listen to descriptions of your products or the deaf see subtitles of your videos? Of course!

Professional website accessibility goes even further than that, making your entire website a friendly, navigable place and one of the few truly integrated online experiences for those with a significant disability.
Promoting Disabled Rights
As a public brand and employer brand, promoting disabled rights is always a strong move.

An accessible website is a great way to show that your brand believes that all abilities are equal. It follows that every customer and employee deserves fair, accessible treatment from your company.

By embracing digital accessibility, you build a stronger company culture promoting and supporting disabled adults.
Litigation and Safety
Protect your brand from the risk of an ADA lawsuit.

Right now, accessibility litigation is targeting businesses of all sizes, big and small, for failure to provide accessibility. By building accessibility into the framework of your website, you make sure your brand is both welcoming to disabled users and safe from potential litigation in the future.

Ready to empower your users and your website design with ADA-accessible upgrades?

We can help you make that happen! Contact us today to begin your accessibility consultation with LI Tech Advisors.

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