Managed IT Services On Long Island

LI Tech Advisors provides managed IT services and tech support for large and small businesses on Long Island.

What are Managed IT Services?

In simplest terms, Managed IT services make it possible to outsource your entire IT department. The Managed IT approach to service is full-stack, top to bottom. LI Tech Advisors will step in to provide network administration, updates, cybersecurity, software stack management, cloud services, migrations, and backup recovery—just to name a few.

Managed IT is designed to address whatever IT needs you may have, where what you need is defined by your industry, business model, laws, regulations, and current best practices. As your outsourced IT team, we will handle everything from routine maintenance to all those important projects like security penetration testing, software patch updates, and good backups. We're here to be the IT team you need.

Managed IT Services in Long Island
Long Island Managed IT Team

Why Hire a Long Island Managed IT Team?

When you hire Managed IT, you need a crew that can handle your hardware as well as your software. Anyone can admin your servers from a distance, but only a Long Island IT team can provide for all of your company's IT needs.

LI Tech Advisors understands the unique challenges faced by Long Island businesses, and if you have a hardware emergency, our team can get you back online faster than any remote-only tech support.

LI Tech Advisors Managed IT Services | What is Included in Managed IT?

Live IT Administration

Managed oversight of your servers, networks, and assets. Daily upkeep and maintenance, on-call support, and help-desk-style answers for your team.

Monitored Data Security Services

Data security services start with network monitoring. After configuring your servers and assets, LI Tech will provide ongoing monitored security—keeping an eye on any signs of unauthorized access or hidden malware on your systems. We'll catch problems before they happen.

Custom Software

Do you need custom software or APIs prepared for your business? You can count on LI Tech Advisors to put our best developers on creating exactly the software tools you need.

Cloud & Network Security

Cybersecurity is no longer a question, it's a necessity. That is why configuring your cybersecurity with test-backed solutions is one of the first things we'll do as your Managed IT service. Let us secure not just your local network, but your cloud assets and communications as well.

Learning Technology and Training

Learning software and training can make the difference between importing IT and building a tech-savvy team. LI Tech Advisors can provide premier learning technology and expert training services regarding cybersecurity, ADA compliance testing, and more.

Stack Configuration & Updates

We make sure you have the best software stack that the industry has to offer. We will help you select the best software, then build a smoothly integrated stack to optimize your workflow and customer care.

ADA Compliance

Accessibility and ADA compliance are important for websites of every sector. Our certified web accessibility experts will give you the guidance you need to help you update your website for integral and rewarding accessibility design.

Backup and Recovery Services

Never lose data to ransomware or weather disasters again. An expertly managed backup and recovery plan will have you back online in a matter of hours from any data disaster. Frequent backups minimize any data lost between the disaster and data recovery.

LI Tech Advisors: Your Long Island Managed IT Service

If your Long Island business is in need of expert and dedicated Managed IT services, you've come to the right place. Contact us today to begin a consultation. We would be proud to become your company's outsourced IT provider.

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