Network Security On Long Island

LI Tech Advisors specializes in cutting-edge network security and cloud security services for large and small companies of Long Island, NY. Your data is safe with us.

The Latest in Business Cybersecurity

Every business today knows that cybersecurity is a must-have. The hacking community has spread and new intrusion methods are being invented every day. The only way to keep your business data secure and provide sufficient due diligence in customer data security is with a constantly adapting cybersecurity plan.

That means a live team of IT security experts on the job, monitoring your networks and installing each new security patch in your software stack. LI Tech Advisors is that team for Long Island businesses in need of network security and cloud security solutions.

Protect your organization from ransomware, phishing, malware, human error, corporate espionage, and direct hacker intrusions with cutting-edge cybersecurity measures and managed IT security services.

Business Cybersecurity On Long Island

Advantages of LI Tech's Network Security

  • Cutting-edge cybersecurity techniques to counteract the latest hacker methods
  • Monitored updates and security patch installation
  • Minimize risk of data breaches and downtime
  • Meet regulation duties to secure client data
Network Security and Cloud Migration On Long Island

Network Security and Cloud Migration

What exactly does network security mean in a world where your business "network" may be spread over three platforms and a dozen third-party apps? Your network is now defined by how data flows through your computers, mobile devices, remote servers, and third-party platforms as a complete business system.

Here at LI Tech Advisors, network security isn't limited to on-site servers. We don't stop until your full-stack local, remote, and cloud network is secure. This means end-to-end encryption, secure data transmission between servers and cloud platform, vetted as-a-service partners, and oversight monitoring to catch security risks on the horizon.

What IT Security Does LI Tech Advisors Provide to Long Island Businesses?

Penetration Testing and Custom Security Plan

LI Tech Advisors will perform custom penetration testing on your servers, devices, and network to discover where you are vulnerable and at the greatest risk of a data breach. From there, we will build a custom security plan involving your entire local, remote, and cloud-based stack.

Local Server Security

For every local computer, device, and server on your workplace network, we provide on-site network security. This includes configuration of routers, firewalls, and breach response protocols.

VPN and Cloud Server Security

Of course, many businesses are split or entirely based on the cloud. This creates a virtual network between remote servers and other cloud assets. LI Tech can provide cutting-edge cloud server and network security that will mirror and integrate with your local server security measures.

Remote Access Control

With remote work at an all-time high, access control is essential. LI Tech will refine and tighten your security so that your files are only seen and handled by authorized accounts and approved endpoint devices.

App and Software Stack Security

Configure and defend the software that your business runs on. Your full-stack of programs and apps will be analyzed for weaknesses and then configured for maximum security and efficiency for your team.

Email Server Security

Email servers are often the source of data breaches and can be misused in a number of ways. LI Tech will keep your company's email server safe from intrusions and defend your domain from Spam campaigns.

Wifi and Smart Device Security

Wifi networks are another common weak point in business network security, We can set up a secure on-site wifi network, less secured guest wifi, and an isolated wifi network for any "smart home" devices built into your office workflow.

Web Browsing Security

LI Tech can help protect your employees from malicious websites when using company computers, devices, or apps connected to the company virtual network.

Monitored Security Services

Monitored security provides managed updates and oversight to catch unusual or unauthorized activity on your network before it can cause a problem. From hidden malware stealing computer resources to an authority-granting hacker intrusion, monitored security will keep your network defense up to date and alert for risks.

Backup and Recovery Services

Finally, ensure your business continuity with backup recovery services that provide the ultimate answer to data loss and ransomware threats. A complete and recent backup can allow you to recover from almost any disaster in just a few hours.

What can LI Tech Advisors do for your company?

Let us set up and maintain cutting-edge network security for your business' local and cloud-based network assets. Contact us today to begin your custom security assessment.

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