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The State Of Cloud Security In 2021

The biggest issue facing cloud-based business today are data breaches that result in loss or exposure of client…

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LI Tech Advisors Weighs In On New Connecticut Cybersecurity Incentives

What’s the best way to encourage companies to invest in cybersecurity: incentives, or penalties?

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LI Tech Advisors Responds To Latest SonicWall Cyber Threat Report 

SonicWall has released their Mid-Year Update: 2021 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report — find out what the experts have…

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Defining the Language of your Web Content

Why is Defining the Language of Content Important? In order for web browsers to accurately render text and…

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Understanding the Keyboard

Understanding what the keyboard is, what it is capable of, and how best to utilize it will improve…

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The New York SHIELD Act And Its Impact On Long Island Business

Many people aren't aware of how important data security really is. However, cybercrime has become more prevalent than…

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There’s an App for That
Jumbo: Privacy & Security

Have you ever wanted to delete old Facebook posts or tweets? Have you ever wanted to stop location…

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IT Consulting Fees
Quintessential 2021 Long Island Guide

How much does IT consulting and IT services cost in New York and Long Island? LI Tech Advisors…

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Vulnerability Scanning: Identifying Data Security Weaknesses

Oftentimes when running a business, you may have data on the network that is sensitive or confidential. It…

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