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When it comes to IT Companies on Long Island, LI Tech Advisors provides a wealth of services for organizations and businesses throughout Long Island. When you need a reliable IT company, call LI Tech Advisors.

Why is LI Tech Advisors, Long Island’s Leading IT company

When you need local, hands-on IT experts, LI Tech Advisors will build a custom IT solution. Long Island is our backyard. We know that living and working here is a unique experience and there is incredible value in having a hands-on IT team ready to help out with hardware, software, and even IT staffing for your team. We're from Long Island. Many of our team members grew up here or have lived here for over a decade. We are your neighbors and colleagues, but we are also expert IT advisors with that unique local insight on the needs of your business.

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Founder, CEO
Anthony Buonaspina

Anthony has been in the MSP business since before the acronym existed. Managed IT once started as break-fix solutions and some light phone support. 

Since then, he has seen the industry flourish into a landscape of platforms, cloud servers, software tools and AI . Tailoring network configurations and software stacks to the specific needs of each business.

In his current role, he focuses on proactive planning, ensuring clients can avoid potential issues altogether. This involves meticulous planning for enhanced business continuity, allowing swift resolution of any unforeseen challenges. What initially began as addressing "fires" through break-fix solutions has evolved into a proactive approach, ensuring that such issues are prevented from arising in the first place.

Why LI Tech Advisors Over All Other IT Companies On Long Island

LI Tech Advisors believes in a more hands-on and personalized approach to IT services. For that reason, we have a few little sayings that have gotten us through hard times and helped us see our own brand to its core.
Acknowledge, Act, Advise

Act, Advise

We use the Triple-A three-step process when approaching a client's technology challenges. First, we acknowledge the issue and its possibilities. Then we take action to learn more or find the results of a test. Finally, we advise the wisest next step and restart the process by acknowledging the new cycle's step-one.

Bringing Our Teams and Clients Together

Bringing Our Teams and Clients Together

One of the unique approaches we use here at LI Tech Advisors is transparency. Our team and many of our partners meet regularly through Slack. We have even begun a quarterly client meeting where we invite all our clients to meet each other and the team on Slack for a few hours of learning and trading best practices.

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

It's story time in LI Tech, because we love this... fable? If You Give a Moose a Muffin teaches that solving a problem sometimes means going outside our comfort zones to satisfy the customer's needs - and how that becomes a chain of cause and effect. That might mean learning a new skill, bringing in a new specialist, or becoming familiar with new software to complete a client's technology solution.

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