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IT hiring is one of the biggest challenges that a small to medium business can face. LI Tech Advisors can provide a simple solution when you need IT technicians dedicated to your network, assets, and technology projects.

IT Staffing Solutions Long Island
Long Island IT Staffing Services

The Fastest Way To Ramp Up Your IT Team. IT Staffing Services From LI Tech Advisors

Finding available IT talent has never been easy. Today, the challenge is at a historic high. IT professionals have always occupied a small percentage of the workforce and as demand rises, so does the labor shortage. It has become difficult for businesses of any size to source IT professionals, but IT services teams have an edge. We are already immersed in the existing network of IT professionals both employed and currently looking for roles.

As a team with IT at our core, we are constantly hiring for new technicians and know where to find the right set of skills for your business needs. Often, a technician on our team will have the skills and hours available that you need for dedicated IT work.

IT Takes One to Know One

IT hiring is a skill-based process. It takes an experienced technician and IT manager to know a good candidate when they find them - and separate the real pros from the jargon-pitching bravos. It takes contextual scenarios and skill-based tests to determine not only whether someone is a good hire, but what type of assignments they will do best at and where they have room for growth on the team.

If you don't already have an IT manager on board, hiring your first IT team members will almost always require outsourcing or a very accurate recommendation. LI Tech Advisors can act as your expert IT hiring manager for both permanent onboard IT and more temporary dedicated technicians.

IT Hiring by IT Experts on Long Island
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The Right Level Of IT Staffing 

LI Tech Advisors offers an extremely flexible IT staffing service based on the precise needs of your business. For example, often we find clients need one full-time - or several full-time - technicians for 1-3 years during major technology upgrades and transitions. But they plan to drop back to one part-time technician and support services when the system is stable again.

Our dedicated technician services provide both on-demand IT staff when your needs increase and smooth reassignment when your needs decrease. We can also help you source the IT team members you want to keep on permanently with professional hiring services.

Full-Time and Part-Time

Does your business need a full-time technician, part-time, or a mix of both? We'll help you determine the workload your system and current plans require to find the most efficient way to hire your onboard IT team members.

Permanent, Perpetual, Short-Term, and On-Demand

With LI Tech staffing, you can choose the most efficient duration for your IT staff. It's normal to need an increased staff for a busy month, a single year, or until a large project is done. Instead of trying your luck with contractors, you can trust LI Tech to source reliable technicians who are a good fit for exactly the amount of time you need.

On-demand IT can help out when you experience an unexpected increase in demand. Short-term to long-term staffing may be related to specific projects and goals. Perpetual IT provides the option to continue the partnership for as long as your need persists. Permanent hires help you find the best technician to join as your own long-term employee.

Full Time & Part Time IT Staffing Services

Discover Your Ideal IT Staffing Solution

If your business needs IT staffing, LI Tech Advisors is uniquely positioned to help you find and meet your ideal IT role fulfillment. From permanent IT employee hiring to temporary dedicated technicians, you can count on our IT staffing experts to build you the best possible on-staff IT support.

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