Information Technology Services on Long Island

LI Tech Advisors provides information technology services and support for organizations on Long Island.

Information Technology Services For Long Island Businesses

Every business is unique. Your industry, the size of your company, and the special flow of your team and business model all define what you will need from IT services. Whether you need to tackle a single project like cloud migration or ongoing managed IT services, LI Tech Advisors can help you build the specific IT solutions that your business needs.

Build your services. Choose from cybersecurity, network monitoring, managed IT, backup recovery, or website accessibility, LI Tech Advisors can do it all. Let us power up the IT solutions of your small to medium business in Long Island.

Long Island Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services On Long Island

Why Choose The LI Tech Advisors Team

When you are choosing an IT partner for your Long Island business, you need a team that can handle your technology from top to bottom, including the hardware. Anyone can provide remote tech support, but only local IT support can service can maintain your hardware and respond on-site in the event of an emergency.

LI Tech  Advisors provides information technology services and IT solutions with a unique understanding of the challenges faced by a Long Island business. You can count on LI Tech Advisors to respond quickly to the information technology needs of your business and to build long-term solutions that will work with infrastructure, environment, and customers typical to Long Island.

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Information Technology Services
Supported By LI Tech Advisors

Ongoing, full-stack IT support. LI Tech Advisors can step in as your entire IT department with our Managed IT services suite.

Network Security

Cutting-edge security infrastructure for your business network and data. Penetration testing, vulnerability resolution, and live monitored security services.

Cloud Migration & Cloud Services

Need to take your business to the cloud? Integrating one cloud platform or going fully remote, we'll get your cloud assets set up and secured.

ADA Compliance Accessibility

Website and software accessibility is critical for ADA compliance. Let our certified accessibility experts help get your website configured for smooth and comfortable operation by disabled users.

Educational Technology & Training

The educational technology you need and training experts to bring the lessons to life. LI Tech Advisors can help your team get up to speed.

Custom Software Development

Never settle for mediocre software again. Pro developers will craft custom software solutions and APIs to suit your specific business technology needs.

Information Technology Specializations

Who do we serve best? LI Tech Advisors specializes in helping small- to medium-sized businesses in Long Island. With some industries, we have an especially deep experience and understand their inherent technology challenges. For industries outside of our specializations, we are always ready to adopt the core principles of your industry and adapt to your specific IT requirements.

Small-to-Medium Businesses

We provide attentive, hands-on IT support that is best for the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

Schools and Educational Institutions

Schools, learning organizations, and institutes of higher learning have unique technical needs. You run as an organization and provide technical services directly to students remotely and in the classroom environment.

Professional Services

Specialists, engineers, technicians, and doctors all fall under the umbrella of professional services. You may have a team or a private practice in need of efficient, streamlined IT solutions to handle 100% of your business.

Law Offices

Law offices require absolute cybersecurity and software that can be fully relied on. We know you need advanced solutions with rock-solid performance and data security from top to bottom.

Accounting Firms

Accounting firms work with specific industry software and standards that require a unique approach to IT solutions. You can count on precision and performance from your network with LI Tech Advisors.

Funeral Homes

The ultimate in logistics and customer care wrapped into a single IT solution. We can ensure the technical side of your funerary services runs smoothly so you can do what you do best.

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LI Tech Advisors is ready to take your IT solutions to the next level. Whether you are building your company's first network, migrating to the cloud, or commissioning full-service Managed IT, our team can provide for your company's unique technology needs. Contact us today to begin an information technology consultation for your Long Island business.

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