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Top Video games for the Holidays

Give your loved ones the gift of entertainment from the comfort of a couch over the holidays. Here…

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New Android Trojan Steals Money Using PayPal’s App

Recently there have been some malicious trojans found on Android, but the newest one is probably the worst…

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How to Save a Picture on Your Screen

Has anyone ever asked you to send a picture of your computer screen? In Windows , there is…

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Shop Safe this Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season… which means you need to be extra cautious when buying gifts online! Millions of…

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Tips for Using a Smartphone

Do you find the basic settings in your smartphone to be a hassle? Perhaps the font size is…

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Super Smash Bros Melee Smashes the Competition

Super Smash Bros. Melee is the fastest-selling game for the Nintendo Switch. The game boasts a wide character…

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Track those HOT TOYS and GAMES this Holiday Season

How many times has this happened to you: your son or daughter mentions a MUST HAVE toy that…

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Use Splashtop to Control your PC from Anywhere in the World!

Have you ever left your computer on by accident before leaving home? Have you ever had to leave…

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fake scams scam facebook winner giftcard giveaway

Clean Out Your Inbox  Do you waste time every day swiping away at junk email? One way to…

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