What Can You Do With Microsoft Teams?

There are several things you can do with Microsoft Teams. Some things are obvious, and some not so much. This brief article will talk about these features.

What Can You Do With Microsoft Teams?

There are several things you can do with Microsoft Teams. Some things are obvious, and some not so much. This brief article will talk about these features. The folks at LI Tech Advisors, aka LI Tech Advisors.com, have some suggestions. Keep reading.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Not only does Teams allow the user to set up and participate in audio and video conferences, but you may arrange for users outside your organization to participate. This can be useful when you want to have a virtual group meeting with your key executives and an important client. It does not matter where they are located. Teams allow them to be included in the meeting.

The Ability to Filter Out Background Noise

What? How is this relevant to our discussion? When you are conducting a virtual meeting, many attendees may be participating in their homes. Until now, you might have had to put up with crying babies, barking dogs, the television, etc. With Microsoft Teams, you can arrange for those sounds to be filtered out of the meeting via the mute option. This ensures everyone’s messages will be heard loud and clear and without interruptions.

Eliminate Plug-Ins

What in the heck? This means that many people who want to be included in a virtual meeting cannot be because they do not have a headset or something equally suitable to plug into their computer. Now they don’t have to worry. Teams can join a meeting without a plug-in device. To obtain more information, contact the people at LI Tech Advisors.  They can explain how this works.

Screen-Sharing Capabilities

What is this feature? This is where a user can connect with another user and share their screen with that person. This is most useful during webinars or when helping a client maneuver through your website. In actuality, there are many scenarios where sharing your screen is helpful. With Microsoft Teams, you have the means to do it. If there is sensitive information on parts of that screen, you can arrange to have only portions of that screen (or specific windows) visible to the other user.

An Offshoot of Screen-Sharing Capabilities

What happens when you share your screen during a virtual meeting, and someone asks a question you do not know the answer to? Instead of this being a sticky situation, you can let someone else take the reins from you and show them the answer on your screen. This is the offshoot of screen-sharing. That is, enabling someone else to take control of your screen. This is entirely feasible with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

What are we talking about? Simply this! Many computer users are already familiar with Skype. Teams now feature ways to utilize its features combined with those of Skype for Business. Of course, it can be useful in virtual meetings too. But it also incorporates the ability to make phone calls or send messages back and forth right from your computer. When utilized in conjunction with Microsoft Teams, this has an incredible array of tools. These features are advantageous during these times of the COVID-19 restrictions. This means a business can still move forward.

Assistance Is Available!!!

If for some reason, you have found yourself completely lost during this article, there is assistance available to you. LI Tech Advisors is a managed Information Technology (IT) provider of services on Long Island, New York. Don’t worry if neither you nor your business is located there; LI Tech Advisors is available virtually. They can be contacted from anywhere. They have all the answers you need. What Can You Do With Microsoft Teams?


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