Cloud Infrastructure Support

LI Tech Advisors provides technical services and cloud infrastructure support for large and small organizations on Long Island.

Cloud Infrastructure Support Services On Long Island

Here at LI Tech Advisors, we can provide you with the latest in cloud infrastructure solutions. We can balance your business assets between local endpoints, virtual servers, and cloud platforms. You can count on LI Tech to smoothly handle your cloud migration, integrate your cloud solutions with custom API software, and expertly manage your cloud-based servers.

Cloud Infrastructure Support Services On Long Island
Cloud Infrastructure Services

Exactly the Cloud Services You Need, When You Need Them

At LI Tech Advisors, our philosophy has always been to offer the best solutions to clients. Of course, the best for each client may be different. We like to start by offering the big names and top-end providers. These are the most stable companies with the most reliable services. But we also make sure clients are aware of alternative companies with lower-cost solutions that may suit their needs more closely.

We will usually recommend the top solution provider to minimize the risk of data or service interruptions in the future. We like to know that we've offered clients the very best the industry has to offer and then help to tailor the decisions to each company's specific values and requirements.

Your business' cloud needs will be determined by the scale of your servers, data, and the amount of work you will do with each platform. As you integrate the cloud, your network becomes more complex, but also more flexible and equipped for more diverse functions.

Using Microsoft With LI Tech Advisors

If your business is built primarily with Microsoft technology, we strongly suggest that you favor Azure for your business cloud solutions. The virtual resources and distributed services make it possible to build almost any scalable cloud environment through which you can manage your cloud-based business assets.

Microsoft Azure is the best at providing for a Microsoft stack, as these programs are the most reliable when working together. For example, active directory sync works seamlessly and natively, without requiring you to cross platforms.

Azure also provides us with an asset-sizing tool that can help our team quickly determine the correct Azure services for your server infrastructure. On the client-side, you can activate a wide range of analytics to track using the data already being processed by Azure servers.

Microsoft Services on Long Island
Microsoft Cloud Services on Long Island

LI Tech Advisors Relationship with Microsoft Cloud Services

How do you know your Long Island cloud services are in good hands? LI Tech is actually partnered with Microsoft to provide a better level of service to clients. We have a regular cadence of solution-based meetings with Microsoft. These meetings focus on what changes may be coming and how to stay ahead of the curve in terms of upcoming updates.

Cloud Security Services

Once your company is managing assets on and off the cloud, cybersecurity becomes a new and multi-layered challenge. LI Tech Advisors is prepared to help you build a robust and complete defense against hacker intrusions and malware through cloud security services. This requires an overview of all the cloud services, platforms, and servers you are managing as part of your overall business technology structure.

LI Tech can coordinate your on-site and cloud-based cybersecurity in accordance with the latest data security measures.

Cloud Security Services on Long Island

Get Started on Cloud Infrastructure Support with LI Tech Advisors

If your cloud infrastructure needs IT support and cybersecurity measures, you've found the right team. LI Tech Advisors is dedicated to helping every business find the unique configuration that is most efficient for them a quarter to quarter. We can provide you with new cloud solutions, ongoing cloud maintenance, and oversight to improve your cloud infrastructure as the technology advances. Contact us today to start a consultation on the cloud support needs of your Long Island business.

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