Cyber Warfare Protection

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Cyber Warfare Protection

Cyberwarfare today is a serious game of measures and countermeasures. Many people think of cybersecurity on a personal or organizational level. But the war of cybersecurity is also being fought across national lines.

In 2020, it was found that Russian intelligence officials were behind the SolarWinds breach that compromised and exposed multiple Government agencies; including Homeland Security. During this time, there were 90 days before the hack was discovered where Russian cybercriminals had free access to many key US government systems. There is a profound likelihood that there are still breaches and malware embedded in critical systems that we have not yet discovered.

This king of cyber warfare cannot be overlooked, but it will also make us stronger.

Cyber Warfare Protection on Long Island
Long Island Cyber Warfare Protection

Protecting Long Island Businesses From Cyber Attacks

Right now, the one thing everyone knows about the digital world is that cyber-attacks are everywhere - and they are relentless. Social hackers will phish and catfish, infected sites will spread the infection, and the rare few live hackers in the mix will seek new vulnerabilities to teach the malicious mob of half-talented cyber-mercenaries.

Fortunately, protecting ourselves on all sides at all times has its advantages. As a whole, the business world is growing stronger. We are already honing agile security measures to make and install security patches as fast as hackers can find vulnerabilities. We take our backups, we do our employee drills, and we eat our cyber-Wheaties in the morning because every day is another day patrolling the firewall.

These virtual battles, however, have a real-world impact on our country's infrastructure, financial and communications systems.

Facing an Organized and Malicious Cyber Attack

The constant-threat environment we find in the digital world is not just a rising tide of mischievous "hackers". It's an organized force.

What Russia and other bad actors want you to think is that the rise in data attacks are random uprisings of bad apples. In truth, many are hired and directed to weaken the governments and businesses of "enemy" nations. As SolarWinds so clearly revealed, massive and broad-scale attacks have been perpetrated and there is almost no chance that we have found 100% of the breaches and embedded bugs from that hacking project alone.

Right now, every organization, agency, and business is under constant threat from an organized cyber warfare force - not just malicious middle schoolers and angry incels. While there are a few of those, the real and large-scale threats come from organized and well-funded hacking teams, often offshore and all-too-likely to be the Russian government, itself.

Cyber Attack Protection On Long Island

Preparing to Face the Field of Business Cyber Warfare

No business today is safe from the widespread cyber warfare environment. Big or small, retail or finance, it's time to build up your defenses and equip your staff to defend business data against the onslaught.

Train Your Employees

  • Phishing and Social Engineering training combat the weakest link principle.
  • Cybersecurity drills maintain a heightened level of awareness for security threats.
  • Provide ongoing rewards and training for cybersecurity detection and correct response.

Perform a Network Security Scan

  • Periodically run a network security scan.
  • See what devices are attached.
  • Detect possible security holes.
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability testing.

Invest in Cyber Insurance

  • Cyber insurance covers your losses regarding a data breach or hacker attack.
  • Financial support after a ransomware attack.
  • Can cover losses, compensation, and lawsuits.

Encrypt and Backup Data

  • Make sure you prevent physical access to sensitive data.
  • Encryption renders your data useless if it falls into the wrong hands.
  • Data backups ensure that no data is lost if you have to wipe a system to get rid of malware - or if ransomware encrypts your files.
  • Encrypt your backups and archives.

Secure Your Hardware

  • Make sure your modem, router, servers, and endpoints are all secured.
  • Seek the latest security passwords and set challenging passwords.
  • Make sure everyone is using 2-factor authentication where possible.
  • Turn on BitLocker device encryption for all Windows 10 devices.
  • Enable remote wipe on mobile devices that could be lost or stolen.

Here at LI Tech Advisors, we know it's important to have "the cybersecurity talk" with each and every client.

Early in our partnership, we encourage clients to express their concerns and we'll build a complete cybersecurity solution based on what infrastructure you have now and where your standards need to be. During this discussion, we want to be available to answer important questions you may have as a client and address concerns about cyber security.

This allows us to strengthen the relationship and build a security plan that takes those concerns into consideration. Contact us today to discuss the right cybersecurity measures for your business during a time of international cyber warfare.

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