How Important Are IT Services to Educational Institutions?

A dependable and dedicated IT support program can empower your school to implement and embrace 21st century classroom capabilities.

Why Do Schools Need IT Support Services?

The technology of modern academia is a whole new beast: one that has been tamed by LI Tech.

From desktop computers, to tablets, back-end servers, and even the students’ mobile devices, technology needs to be properly supervised and maintained to avoid any trouble.

We support schools because we believe in your goals and we want to play a role in protecting and empowering the next generation.

What Are LI Tech Advisors Credentials?

LI Tech consists of a team of experienced industry professionals that are familiar with the unique logistical requirements and challenges of working in education.

All of our staff is VIRTUS® trained and background checked, which allows our technicians to work in a school without the need for an escort.

LI Tech provides specialized training for schools across Long Island in:

  • Educational Technology Training

  • G-Suite and Google Classroom Training

  • Microsoft Office 365 Training

The objective of these trainings is to educate faculty members on the most efficient ways to teach their students using today’s latest technology.

What Type of Services Do Schools Need?

LI Tech has a proven IT support strategy that has already been implemented in numerous private schools.

Relying on our unique support and services that stabilize your network, ensuring uninterrupted services and consistency, your teachers and admin staff will be able to focus on education without the burden of dealing with technology issues.

Here are some of the things that we do especially for our education clients:

  • Skills: Provide students with a secure IT learning environment.
  • Requirements: Meet New York state requirements surrounding technology in education.
  • Training: Train educators to use new technology and software to conduct more engaging lessons.
  • Planning: Create a 3-year technology plan describing the next steps in your technology evolution and how it would affect your institution.
  • Quality: Ensure a secure, high-speed internet, network, and Wi-Fi connectivity for optimal operations .
  • Security: Protect the school’s network and essential records with anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls, and emergency data backup.
  • Managing Networks: Implement and maintain computers, printers, Apple products, Smart Boards, projectors, and any new software — all from a centralized location, streamlining the entire process.

What Other Services Can I Expect From LI Tech Advisors?