Fire Island Lighthouse

If you are looking for an adventure to add to your Long Island itinerary, a visit to the Fire Island Lighthouse is definitely worth the trip. Located just 60 miles east of New York City, this historic lighthouse is a must-see attraction for tourists and locals alike. In this blog post, we’ll explore the fascinating history behind Fire Island Lighthouse and what makes it such a popular destination for visitors.

First, let's dive into the history of the lighthouse. Built in 1858, the Fire Island Lighthouse was constructed to prevent shipwrecks and provide safe navigation into New York Harbor. The 74-foot tower is made of brick and the magnifying lens is capable of throwing a light 21 miles out to sea. Over the years, the lighthouse has undergone several renovations to preserve its historic importance, including a complete restoration in 1996.

Visitors can climb up the 182 stairs to reach the top of the lighthouse and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area. During the tour, you'll also learn about the lighthouse keepers and their crucial role in ensuring the safety of sailors. The museum inside the keepers' quarters showcases artifacts and exhibits that tell the story of the lighthouse's history and the life of its keepers.

The surrounding area of the lighthouse is also a great place to explore. The Fire Island National Seashore Park has a variety of options for outdoor activities ranging from bird watching to fishing. Visitors can also stroll along the boardwalk along the dunes and enjoy a picnic in the nearby park. Sunsets on the beach over the bay are a truly stunning sight to see.

Fire Island Lighthouse is open year-round and features special events throughout the year. Some highlights include the Sunset Lighthouse Tour, which ends with breathtaking views of the sunset, and the Lighthouse Preservation Society's annual Light Keepers Gala.

 In conclusion, the Fire Island Lighthouse is a great way to experience the outdoors and learn about Long Island's maritime history. The combination of the stunning views and fascinating exhibits makes it a must-see attraction for any tourist. Whether you enjoy touring historic sites, bird watching, or just soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach, there is something for everyone at Fire Island Lighthouse. So, next time you're planning a trip to Long Island, be sure to add this iconic lighthouse to your itinerary.

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