Is Your Long Island Funeral Home Looking for Dependable IT Support?

LI Tech Advisors provides IT Services and IT Support for Funeral Homes throughout Long Island and New York City Metro Area. Speak with our team today.

Where To Find Reliable IT Support for a Funeral Home?

As with all other industries, the funeral industry has also been changed and reshaped with the advent of emerging technologies.

LI Tech Advisors offers a comprehensive roster of services tailored-made to meet the IT support requirements of funeral homes.

What Type of Services Do Our Funeral Home Clients Choose Most Often?

Managed IT Services

Managed services moves the support, maintenance, security, and operational monitoring of your IT systems into the hands of outsourced IT professionals.

Managed Services are:

  • Cost-Effective: For a simple monthly fee, everything is handled by the team over at LI Tech.
  • Secure: Funeral homes across the country have become all too aware of the fact that they are targets of hacking attempts. It’s quite common for hackers to break into funeral home infrastructures to steal data and create fake death certificates. Not guarding against this leaves you open to legal action, not to mention the loss of reputation it brings with it. LI Tech can take complete responsibility for such matters.

Software Management

LI Tech handles all the software updates, upgrades, patches, and maintenance. Here are three of the software platforms that we often see and support as we serve our funeral industry clients:

  • MiMS (Mortuary Information Management System)

  • FuneralTech

  • QuickBooks

We offer the capability to schedule updates at specific dates and times as well as throttle software updates to include or exclude certain computers within your network.

The aforementioned software solutions can help our clients streamline and complete the following tasks and more efficiently.

  • Keeping track of inventory
  • Managing accounts and payments
  • Working with governmental oversight
  • Filing and maintaining the necessary paperwork to enable burial or cremation
  • Gathering and relaying news to family and friends
  • Scheduling staff, clergy, funerals
  • Keeping detailed records

What Other Services Can I Expect From LI Tech Advisors?