Getting Started With Microsoft Teams

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With the rise in the acceptance of the virtual workplace over the past year, more companies have turned to cloud computing software programs to make working on the go a bit easier for everyone. Cloud computing makes it possible to work from anywhere in the world by creating a simple way for those who need information to access data online.

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While cloud storage is helpful, it only goes so far. To really make life on the go work for your business you need to provide your employees with more than the ability to access and upload data. Your employees need to be able to collaborate in real-time, to start projects and pass them off for review, and to have easy, built-in ways to easily call a meeting with every member of the team.

Microsoft Teams brings together all of these components, making it easy to store and access data while also providing all of the standard tools that your business practices.

Microsoft Teams is part of the OneView system, which is a comprehensive cloud software program that uses all of the Microsoft Products and makes them available wherever you can access the internet. With OneView there is no longer a need to have Microsoft licenses pre-installed on a computer to open a document. If there is an internet connection, everything can be accessed and saved instantly — from large presentations to important spreadsheets. The OneDrive storage solution means that everything can be neatly stored in folders and shared with those who should have access while staying secure from any other prying eyes.

Teams brings this cloud program a step further by integrating the most useful features of the OneView platform and putting it all together in one application. Microsoft Teams is designed to bring together groups of people who are collaborating on projects large and small, providing a home-base where they can chat, keep track of files, schedule a video meeting, or collaborate on one of the many Microsoft extensions and applications.

Microsoft Teams is frequently used by schools as a virtual classroom, offering a place for the teacher to assign and grade work, meet with the class, and have conversations with individual groups of students. It is also frequently used across industries by businesses large and small, creating a place where employees can easily be trained, collaborate, and communicate with clients. The program is easy to navigate and can be used on a computer or mobile device.

Getting started with Microsoft Teams is simple. An incredibly easy to navigate site, the platform will prompt users to begin by joining or creating a team. Employers can easily add employees to a team through their email, and teams will connect automatically with any Microsoft Outlook account. Inside the team, employees can access or upload files, schedule or attend meetings, and use any number of Microsoft applications to collaborate in real-time. The programs are all connected to the cloud, so documents created in Teams will upload to OneView. This makes it easy to organize and track information across your company.

If you are interested in pushing your company over to the Microsoft 365 platform, working with an IT support expert can help you get started. Teams is just one aspect of the Microsoft cloud program that makes working together possible regardless of what the world throws your way.