IT Services Hauppauge Industrial Park

LI Tech Advisors specializes in providing IT services and IT support for organizations located in the Hauppauge Industrial Park.

Not Satisfied with the Current Level of IT Services in the Hauppauge Industrial Park?

It all began in 1995. That’s when LI Tech Advisors was founded.

Let’s talk about how we can harness your technology for positive business outcomes.

Tired of waiting…and waiting…for IT support in the Hauppauge Industrial Park?

Technology experiences a new curve almost every day, and a sound IT support team is mandatory if your business in the Hauppauge Industrial Park is going to be highly competitive.

No business can afford downtime. It’s high time you went over your options wisely and opted for services ttha actually drive your desired business outcomes.

We’re here to leverage technology to help you get to where you want to go.

  • Increased sales

  • Better clients

  • More profitability

  • Increased company morale

  • Improved shareholder value

  • Better ROI

  • Early ownership transition and retirement

  • More time spent with family

  • An expenses budget – including technology and IT support

  • Business processes that flow effortlessly – powered by technology that consistently “just works right”

We’ll ensure that you never have to report an issue to us by yourself; and even if you have to, our support staff will give you all the help you need in resolving it abruptly.

Need Help to Maintain The IT Infrastructure at Your Business in the Hauppauge Industrial Park?

Start focusing on your Hauppauge Industrial Park company by freeing yourself of all IT hassles.

By augmenting your IT department – or completely replacing in-house IT techs with our outsourced services – we will give you the breathing room you need to run your business without any IT-related hindrances. Our Managed IT Services follow a rigorously proactive approach to taking good care of your IT systems.

What Do I Need to Know About Cybersecurity?

As a Hauppauge Industrial Park business, your identity on the web is the frontier upon which customers locate and interact with you, and it’s equally important to manage that.

At LI Tech Advisors, we proudly emerge as the leader in providing cybersecurity services to keep your threats minimized and data safe.

Whether it is by securing your website or securing your entire IT infrastructure, we can help.

For a limited time, LI Tech Advisors is offering a Free Site Survey and Network Security Scan for all HIA (Hauppauge Industrial Association) members and businesses located in the Hauppauge Industrial Park.

There Are Several IT Support Companies Serving the Hauppage Industrial Park – How Well Do You Know My Industry?

LI Tech Advisors provides IT services and consulting to a wide range of industries. We have you covered with our exceptional IT support packages – even if you are a growing startup in the heart of the Hauppauge Industrial Park.

Customized solutions present a new avenue for businesses aiming to make an impact. No industry employs the same workflow, and we acknowledge that. However, our high-level skill set transfers easily to serve an array of industry-specific clients. Some of our industry specializations include:

  • Schools

  • Accountants

  • Attorneys

  • Funeral Homes

  • Small to Mid-sized Businesses