Creating Digital Assignments with Insertlearning

nsertlearning is a free tool that allows you to turn any webpage on the internet into an interactive assignment for your students to complete. For example, suppose you had an interesting news article that you wanted to share with your students. By using Insertlearning, you could embed questions into the article and have students’ answers sent to your Google Dashboard.

Insertlearning is an extension that you can add to your Chrome browser. Once it’s there, turning any web page into a lesson can be done in minutes. Start with a web page of any kind, then highlight text, add notes, and embed your own questions—either multiple-choice or open-ended—that students can answer right on the page.

You can also embed other content, like YouTube videos, to provide students with further context or background information as they read. Once the assignment has been created, you can share it through Google Classroom. You may also choose to share your creations with other department members and colleagues. If you enjoy using digital tools in your classroom and want to find new ways to engage students with multimodal assignments, try Insertlearning!

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