How to Create a Secure Password You Can Remember

Do you know how to create a secure password that is easy to remember? It turns out that complex passwords with letters, numbers, symbols, and special characters, are simpler to figure out than a string of known words in a nonsense order.

For example, a password like Tr0uB3l# could be cracked within 3 days. Meanwhile, a password composed of common words like “welcome battery news pets” would take 550 years to solve.

Choosing random words that are important to you will help you to create a more complex password than ones with numbers or symbols. Changing the order of the words can give you limitless combinations to use. When coming up with a new password, it is recommended that you select 4 words that are random and don’t make sense when put together. This will be a safer and better way to remember your passwords for all your accounts.

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