Preserve Your iPhone Battery Life !

Have you recently upgraded to the new iOS 12 only to find that your battery is dying way more quickly than it should be? Here are 10 tips to help preserve your battery life:

  • Turn off “raise to wake” on your iPhone

  • Update ALL apps that have available updates

  • Reduce the number of widgets on your lock screen

  • Restart your iPhone/cold (hard) reboot your iPhone

  • Turn off “background app refresh”

  • Only enable location services while apps are in use

  • Turn on low power mode!

  •  Turn on “airplane mode” in areas with poor reception

  • Identify apps on your phone that use the most power

Cold rebooting or hard resetting your iPhone (hold down power and volume button on newer iOS phones) will completely restart it. If it was running slow, lagging and taking forever to type/open apps, most of the time a cold boot will fix that.

Airplane mode is another incredibly useful tool; cut off all data to your phone, and watch your battery life go up instantly!

To find out which apps are using the most power on your phone, simply go to Settings  Battery  Scroll down to battery usage. You can filter by last 24 hours or by the last 7 days. This can be very helpful when trying to find that pesky app that keeps bringing your phone down to 20%.

Hopefully, Apple will be releasing some software patches soon to correct these battery bugs once and for all.

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