Why You Should Be Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud for most people is a no-brainer. You may have thousands of pictures or important documents stored on your computer, but what happens if disaster strikes? Your files may be gone forever if you do not have any backups on your computer. Services like Dropbox or Google Drive are great ways to keep your files safe. You can start with a free account for Dropbox, which affords you 2GB of free space for your most essential documents. For just $10 a month, Dropbox will also give you 1TB of space, which is more than enough to back up the rest of your important files and photos.

The cloud allows you to access your files from anywhere; you no longer need to be home or in front of your computer to view your documents. You can be on vacation or on someone else’s computer and still be able to work on files or pull up something that you may need. We always recommend having cloud services for backups, and a local backup source as well.

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