Why Integrity is Important to Us

Managed IT Support with a Difference

Does Your IT Service Provider Have Your Best Interest at Heart?

Trust is an integral component of every business relationship. Customers must feel they are getting what they pay for and sellers must deliver only the best products and services.

Integrity plays an even more prominent role in IT support where the provider isn’t just a one-off services seller but a trusted partner in your business. Your IT services provider becomes or augments your IT department. It’s imperative that your provider has your best interest sat heart and not just a bottom line.

Too often, Managed IT Services providers give recommendations to clients that are good for the provider and not the client. One reason is that many IT providers are resellers for various hardware and software. Rather than selling practical solutions to clients, they sell only those solutions that pad their bottom line.

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The LI Tech team strives to be “technology agnostic” – advising our clients to purchase only the best solutions regardless of whether they make us money or not. We are a dedicated IT partner who is with you every step of the journey. We’re glad to play a small part in your success.

Why is Having an IT Service Provider with Integrity Important?

An impartial IT Services provider has your best interests at heart. They recommend or offer tailor-made solutions that address your specific business needs. They empower you to grow in the knowledge that your team, data, and critical IT systems are in competent hands. They also maintain high levels of confidentiality.

LI Tech Advisors checks all those boxes. However, we don’t stop there. Our clients also enjoy:

  • Transparent, predictable pricing with easy-to-budget plans that eliminate guessing games and surprise fees.

  • Access to a diverse team of dedicated IT specialists who can offer second opinions and approaches to problems.

  • Proactive systems-monitoring and maintenance to identify and defuse issues before they impact your business.

  • Fortified cybersecurity through dynamic network security and data confidentiality to keep malicious hackers and malware out.

  • Competent IT compliance advice and management, so your business is always on the right side of the law.

  • Objective and strategic executive-level IT advice or consulting.

What Happens if an IT Support Partner Doesn’t Have Integrity?

Be sure to ask your Managed IT Services provider whether they resell any hardware or software and whether they make a commission from those sales. Providers should disclose any conflicts of interest to ensure they are only serving your needs and not their bottom line.

While earning a commission from making recommendations shouldn’t be a reason not to do business with a provider (though we believe it should be), pay close attention when a provider recommends solutions where they stand to profit from the sale.

Ask for a second opinion on whether the recommended solution works or if there is a different, better solution to your particular problem.

Consider switching to an impartial Managed IT Services provider like LI Tech Advisors. We have a track-record in objectively helping businesses and institutions on Long Island gain a competitive edge by leveraging technology to create high-performance IT environments.

We leverage these essential services to help our clients achieve their organizational and professional objectives.