Optimize Your Legal Firm’s Working Environment with IT Support for Law Offices

How well does your IT support fit into your budget? We can help.

Looking for IT Services or IT Support for Law Offices That Improve Your Employee’s Ability to Get Things Done?

The LI Tech team offers IT support for lawyers, paralegals, and admin staff. Our IT support is available round-the-clock and delivers the operational difference you’re looking to get from IT support.

While pondering IT consulting firms, one question you need to ask is, “Are they experienced in handling and supporting the apps we utilize on a daily basis?”

Many IT service providers claim that they have an idea about IT support for law firms, but basically, they treat law firms like any other professional services business – with a pre-determined plan and stock service packages.

This simply will not work for your law firm, will it?

No; you need a higher level of security, greater mobile access, and a team that understands your workflow.

You’re looking for a team that understands the development of custom software that will allow you to run a paperless office - connecting all of your locations into one seamless office process.

The team of LI Tech Advisors will not obligate your legal practice to buy into a pre-determined box of IT assistance.

Our IT professionals will work closely with your employees to find what the problems are within your workflow and we’ll figure out the changes or updates that need to be made to your cloud apps, software, hardware, or data storage.

What Efficient IT Services Do We Provide To The Law Firms?

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  • Mac and PC Support – Looking for assistance for both PC and Mac devices? Our team has the skill set you need. Our experts know how these two systems can happily work together within the same law office.
  • Auditing and Security – We use specialized assessment tools to measure your IT environment, determining whether you are secure against online threats. If we find anything, we take action to troubleshoot that issue as early as possible.
  • Hosting and Private Cloud – Whether your firm is totally hosted in the cloud, you have an in-house solution, or you are leveraging a hybrid cloud setup, we can help you drive the advantages you are trying to achieve from your cloud assets.
  • Mobile Device Support – Mobile devices are everywhere and are embedded in the workflow of companies. Each employee must have the correct security measures, applications, and collaboration tools on their phone if internal processes are to be streamlined.
  • Network Support – Our proactive approach to network support identifies and addresses potential problems before they impact your workflow. We also implement any new applications or devices within the network to ensure compatibility and security.