Company News – April 2019

Getting Involved With The Community.

Rear view of group of people in a computer seminar.On April 3rd, members of the LI Tech Advisors team put on a cybersecurity presentation for the faculty at a large Diocesan School on Long Island. We spoke to them about the techniques hackers use and best practices to avoid being scammed both at work and at home, and left them all with a summary sheet of those best practices for future reference. We typically offer two of these presentations each month to different schools we take care of, wanting to make sure that they’re getting the most out of their partnership with us.

We also put on this same presentation later in the month for the parents of students that attend the school for those that were interested in learning more about cybersecurity and cyber threats.

Joining Forces With Datto.

We are happy to now be working with industry giant Datto to offer data backup solutions to our clients. Specifically, world-class backup solutions for their Office 365 accounts, including emails and SharePoint data.

Supercharging Proactive Technology Maintenance.

Official as of the month of April, we are now implementing an electrical utility monitoring service for LI Tech Advisors clients. This service will monitor the electrical power coming into a client’s server room. For clients signing up for this service, this means we will monitor power fluctuations and outages that may potentially cause hardware damage. We already have several clients signed up, and in one case we discovered frequent brown-outs that were going undetected before we rolled out this new service. The client’s power company was alerted, and the necessary corrections were made to eliminate this issue going forward.