Where Can I Find IT Support that Is Tailored To Meet the Needs of My Specific Industry?

LI Tech Advisors provides IT services and IT support for Long Island organizations. Contact our team of IT service professionals to learn more.

Tired of Paying IT Support Companies Who Don’t Get What Your Business Really Needs?

In order for Long Island businesses to maximize their current technology assets, they need the support of a Managed IT Services provider that is skilled at implementing top-level solutions for their industry. However, finding the right IT support partner is not easy.

Though many promise that they can deliver on the industry-specific technology solutions Long Island businesses need, few have the expertise to deliver.

The LI Tech Advisors team of professional technicians brings Long Island businesses specialized expertise in the following industries:

  • Educational Institutions

    Educational Institutions

  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

  • Law Offices

    Law Offices

  • Accounting Firms

    Accounting Firms

  • Funeral Homes

    Funeral Homes

  • Small to Mid-sized Businesses

    Small to Mid-sized Businesses

What IT Services Can L. I. Tech Advisors Offer to My Long Island Area Businesses?


How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost?

How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost

Many business owners worry that Managed IT Services are simply too cost prohibitive for them to be able to afford. The truth is that Managed IT Services costs less than most company execs realize.

Three main factors influence the predictable, easily-budgeted monthly fees of a Managed IT Services agreement:

  • Your company’s IT needs

    Your company’s IT needs

  • The size of your IT environment

    The size of your IT environment

  • The complexity of your network

    The complexity of your network

What Makes the LI Tech Advisors Experience Different?

LI Tech Advisors has made it their mission to hire IT professionals who are at the top of their game. The breadth of education and specialized experience each staff member brings to the team instills a sense of confidence in our valued Long Island clients. We understand their industry workflows and possess the “know how” to craft the ideal IT environment to improve work processes and support company growth.

LI Tech Advisors takes its role seriously; we help Long Island businesses realize results through improved workflow, optimized tools, greater productivity, and proper security.

Can LI Tech Advisors Help Me Get More from My IT Environment?

Many potential clients already own all the technology assets they need for their business to operate at peak productivity. However, few of them are leveraging the power that lies within the equipment that currently resides in their offices.

LI Tech Advisors can help change that.

Our professional staff has the necessary skills to optimize the current IT environment of Long Island area businesses to provide them with enhanced workflow processes, improved efficiencies, and greater profitability. Many times, these goals can be accomplished without the need to acquire additional hardware.

Our Managed IT Services is an IT support strategy that provides businesses with best practice, leading-edge technology solutions that are coupled with proactive IT support and consulting.