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LI Tech Advisors focuses on taking care of the IT needs of organizations and businesses across Long Island. We are the trusted Long Island IT company for numerous organizations and businesses.

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Why are Long Island companies outsourcing to the most affordable Long Island IT Company?

In the business landscape of today, everyone needs more IT than they can easily hire. Between the tight labor market and the increasingly technical nature of backend and front-end business, there is simply more demand for IT than there are available team members.

LI Tech Advisors is proud to step into that space created by supply and demand. Outsourcing your IT makes it possible to commission the expertise and level of attention you need from an IT department. An outsourced team can provide scalable solutions that pool the Long Island IT workforce according to the needs of Long Island businesses.

Why hire LI Tech Advisors as your IT company on Long Island?

Long Island IT Company

Five Reasons to Hire a Long Island IT Company

Gain an Entire IT Department

IT hiring is nearly impossible in the current job market. The costs of bringing an IT onboard and the challenge of finding the right IT professionals in the current job market make hiring a big investment for any team. Today, small and medium businesses can gain the benefit of an entire IT department by partnering with a managed IT services team instead.

Businesses today need more than just one IT person. They need an infrastructure expert, a software and stack developer, a cybersecurity specialist, and business continuity pros. But not full-time. Managed IT services make it possible for an IT team to build themselves and become part-time (yet ongoing and monitored) IT department for many small local businesses.

On-Site Installation and Support

Why choose a Long Island IT service? When planning for your company's technology, you want a team that can handle both your hardware and your software. With LI Tech Advisors, you can count on installation, setup, and support for your office and facility technology in addition to remote support and a phone help desk.

Long Island IT ensures that you have an IT team nearby and on-call.

Save Time and Money

Managed IT services streamline the time and money your company spends on IT, getting more bang for your buck. By combining the suite of IT support that your business needs, you get the benefit of a diverse team of specialists to ensure your network and stack are in the best possible configuration.

You can avoid the cost of hiring on-staff IT and improve the efficiency of your team with better technology and performance. Improve revenue by improving the customer experience and conversion funnel.

Cutting-Edge Security

Every business today must keep pace with cybersecurity. Every year, hackers find and exploit new vulnerabilities. Data security teams are closing the gaps as fast as they can be opened, but it requires constant security patches, technique upgrades, and penetration testing. Network and asset monitoring also allow us to catch hidden malware and unauthorized activity as it happens.

Get your business up to the cutting-edge of cybersecurity for protection from threats and to protect the data of your clients and teams.

Understands Long Island Business

Living, working, and running a business on Long Island comes with some unique challenges. There are things you have to deal with that only a local IT team could understand. And we do. We share the same utility companies, ISPs, grid traffic, and favorite breakfast spots. We deal with the same weather, and we're probably battening down for the same big storms.

This means that our Long Island IT team is better equipped to understand the needs of your business than any remote or distant IT services provider. Because we know exactly what you're facing as a Long Island business.

LI Tech Advisors Offers Businesses On Long Island A Complete Tech Solution.

LI Tech Advisors provides a wide variety of IT solutions. Our specialties include managed services to help keep your tech in working order and provide helpdesk support, disaster prevention and recovery to make sure your data is always safe and easily recoverable, cloud services to take the burden of IT infrastructure off your shoulders, and Microsoft 365 to provide cloud-based access to the Microsoft services and applications you’ve come to rely on, or help create and maintain your mobile office.

If you are looking for an IT company that can provide all of these services and more, then LI Tech Advisors is the right choice for you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with all of your IT needs.

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