Long Island IT Services & IT Support

LI Tech Advisors provides IT services and IT support for large and small organizations throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Call us first.

Where Can I Find a Responsive IT Support Team on Long Island?

There’s a difference in working with a Nassau or Suffolk County IT services company focused on business outcomes – Keep reading.

A Long Island IT Support Company With Your Desired Outcomes in Mind

Looking for a technology support company that “gets it”?

Tired of hearing about all the “stuff we do” and want to know our end game?

Here it is:

We’re here to leverage technology to help you get to where you want to go.

  • Increased sales

  • Better clients

  • More profitability

  • Increased company morale

  • Improved shareholder value

  • Better ROI

  • Early ownership transition and retirement

  • More time spent with family

  • An expenses budget – including technology and IT support

  • Business processes that flow effortlessly – powered by technology that consistently “just works right”

While reliable IT support is only one of the levers and buttons involved in achieving these goals, IT is a significant factor in your company’s success. Let us help you pursue your organizational and professional objectives.

I’m tired of Long Island IT Support Companies That Are More Concerned with Billing Than They Are With Keeping My IT Running…What Should I Do?


The function of your business technology is important to you – but you have to stay within your budget, and can’t keep shelling out money for IT techs that either don’t or can’t get to the root of the IT issues your business is facing.

You want to leverage technology to become a competitive edge for you…not a net loss.

A reliable managed service provider can help you achieve this goal. You can focus on other business chores while your IT tasks are efficiently managed by the experts.

LI Tech Advisors offers comprehensive IT solutions to enable you to see a higher return on your IT investment.

How Will the Services Provided by LI Tech Advisors Benefit My Business?

LI Tech Advisors can help to keep your business up and running by managing your IT tasks efficiently. We provide a proactive management system that can help your business prevent downtime and enhance productivity. Our expert technicians will identify any issues that arise (most times before the problems affect your workflow) and resolve them quickly.