How Can You Effectively Manage Your Inbox?

Managing Your Inbox Effectively

Do you receive emails from the same companies upwards of 5 times a day with deals and promotions that don’t interest you?

Managing your inbox can feel like a chore or a hassle when you have are constantly bombarded by spam. Here are some tips to manage your inbox effectively:

1. “Unsubscribe” to emails that have you on a mailing list.

The “CAN-SPAM Act” gives every recipient the right to stop receiving unwanted emails. If companies fail to stop spamming your inbox, they can be hit with harsh penalties.

2. Practice the “Zero Inbox” philosophy.

You can set aside a specific time during the day to commit to reading through your emails. If an email takes less than five minutes to read and respond to, you can immediately act on it. Longer emails can be saved in separate folders, such as “vacation planning,” “deals/coupons,” and “work.”

3. Create effective “Rules” on your inbox.

For instance, you can create a rule for “Bed Bath and Beyond” emails to automatically go to your “Deals” folder. This way, you aren’t inundated with these emails, yet when you go into the store, you can easily search that folder for a relevant coupon.

5. Create multiple emails and determine what you’ll use them for.

Take advantage of free email services like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook to create multiple emails and make decisions about how you’re going to use them. You can use separate emails for communication with family/friends, with coworkers, and with companies that are offering deals or promotions.