Managed IT Services

LI Tech Advisors provides managed IT services and managed IT support for businesses throughout Long Island. Call our team of IT professionals first.

How Can Managed IT Services Help My Long Island Business?

Businesses grow when they either greatly reduce their expenses or when they increase their revenues.

One of the biggest challenges in achieving either of these can be traced back to IT. This often comes down to the frequency of downtime. Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs), such as the LI Tech team, are experts in preventing downtime. They have the experience needed and are in tune with industry trends to implement holistic IT care and prevent cybersecurity incidences.

How Do Managed IT Services Work?

four people in an office collaborating and working on computers

Managed IT Services is a comprehensive, proactive IT support strategy that takes into consideration the implementation, management, monitoring, and securing of a company’s IT environment. Problems are identified early and solved before they become obstacles that can bring business activities to a halt.

LI Tech Advisors offers all the IT support your company needs within an easily-budgeted, monthly cost structure.

How Much Does An MSP Solution Cost?

Our comprehensive IT management solutions are configured to the complexity of your IT environment and the specific needs of your workflow. We offer an array of IT services that clients can choose from depending on their requirements.

Generally, we charge an annual fee that is billed monthly based on the ongoing support that your specific business requires. We create a technology plan with the client that allows the business to forecast their technology needs for the next three years and we update this plan annually. This gives you the opportunity and advantage to plan and budget for your IT support expenses.

What Other Services Does LI Tech Advisors Offer?

LI Tech Advisors offers tried and tested solutions based on technology. Their services are:


Why Should I Choose LI Tech Advisors?

We aren’t the average Long Island Managed IT support company. The difference is in how our proactive solutions work together to provide you with an always-on IT working environment. Our high-level IT consultants help you get the most ROI from your IT spending by assessing IT infrastructure and advising on necessary upgrades or overhauls. We also help businesses achieve website accessibility compliance, opening up an entire market demographic to their product through their newly accessible website.