Network IT Security

LI Tech Advisors specializes in network security and computer security services for large and small companies on Long Island, NY. We'll protect you.

How Does Network Security Protect an Organization?

Network security combines layers of protection. Every network security layer applies controls and policies. This strategy allows authorized users to gain access to networks while malicious actors are blocked from causing harm.

Digitization has changed our world, resulting in transformations in nearly all business functions. That’s why you need someone to look after your network security. In the end, this safeguards your company’s reputation, your profits, and your company’s future.

Increases in hacks and ransomware threats make network security a critical element of your business IT strategy. Getting IT security consultants on your side is the first step in putting the protections in place that your workflow requires.

What Are The Advantages of Network Security?

  • Employee confidence in their online workspace results in better productivity.
  • Client confidence in how you handle their data results in more business with those clients.
  • Secure networks limit downtime and enable companies to leverage IT as a growth agent.

What Elements of IT Security Do We Provide To Long Island Businesses?

  • App Security – You should protect the software you use for running your business. An app may have vulnerabilities which hackers can use for infiltrating your network. Our app security harnesses protocols for closing these gaps and removing these vulnerabilities.
  • Email Security – Email gateways are the targets of security breaches. With social engineering strategies, hackers make refined phishing campaigns for deceiving your employees, sending them malicious emails. Choose our email security app to block incoming attacks, encrypt your emails, filter bad emails, and prevent data loss.
  • Network Access Control – Our protocols give you control over who can have access to your network. By implementing role-based access policies, we are able to ensure that the right people have access to the data they need (and only the data they need) to complete their daily work.
  • Managed Security – The LI Tech Advisors team offers managed security services that include:
    • Penetration testing
    • Standard IT security maintenance – managed endpoints, hosted firewalls, licenses, firewall configuration, firewall monitoring
    • Compliance management – HITECH, HIPAA
    • Quarterly reporting
    • Patch handling for specialty apps and windows
  • Website Filtering – Our web security solution will control the website use of your employees, decline access to malicious sites, and block web-based threats. It will safeguard your online gateway in the cloud or on the website.
  • Wireless Security – Wired networks are more secure than wireless ones. Without proper analysis and Wi-Fi security consulting, you should not install a wireless LAN. We can help you with secure design, setup, and products which are designed to safeguard your wireless network.
  • VPN – This type of network security encrypts your connection from wherever you are using your computer to access your internal network. This happens across the web. A remote-access VPN usually utilizes Secure Sockets Layer or IPSec for validating the communication between your remote device and your network.