Want Better Business Results? Outsource IT Tasks

Want better business results? Work with a managed IT services provider to deliver technical solutions that solve critical business issues and keep data secure.

Outsourced IT Services Solutions Optimize Your Business Tech

Want better business results? Work with a managed IT services provider to deliver technical solutions that solve critical business issues and keep data secure.

Are you looking to deliver better business results to your customers, stakeholders, and partners? Increasingly, technology is an essential part of any solution that improves business outcomes.

That's the reason more businesses look to a managed IT services provider to deliver the results that you expect.

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What Is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services providers help assess business technology needs and recommend solutions that are custom-designed for your unique needs. With a strategic partner at your side, your company can identify immediate and future technologies that improve productivity, efficiency, and business results.

Managed IT services providers deliver bundled resources at a monthly rate, providing expert technical support, data backups, and cloud hosting services in an integrated solution.

What Are the Business Benefits of Using Managed IT Services?

With managed IT services, your business gains several crucial advantages, including:

  • Cost Savings. Save on the operational costs of hosting data and servers onsite, including power, cooling, space, and maintenance costs. Reduce or reallocate internal IT staff resources, too.
  • Optimized Technology. Use your managed IT services provider to ensure optimal locations for cabling, endpoints, routers, and other tools. Ensure efficient use of network resources and eliminate redundancies. Your managed IT services partner can oversee hardware and software licenses and warranties, acting as a vendor liaison and ensuring you get the most return on your investments.
  • Improved Efficiency. Help employees working remotely or in different business locations to connect and access necessary data and systems without lag or delay. Your managed IT services provider can identify software and even systems that can be migrated to the cloud, providing better performance and speed to users.
  • Better Security. With data stored in the cloud, automated backups, and system monitoring, your critical business information is secured, reducing the risk from cyberattacks.
  • Compliance and Training. Today, more businesses are subject to compliance requirements that scrutinize your technology. Many compliance mandates relate to security issues, data usage, and third-party access. With the right partner, your business will remain in compliance with federal, state, local, and international requirements.

Managed IT services benefit your company from top to bottom, delivering services that simplify operations, optimize technology, and promote improved collaboration.

How Do Managed Services Providers Protect Data?

Your managed services provider can assess how to keep sensitive business data secured. Cloud solutions, data backups, and monitoring together create a blanket of security, making it difficult for cybercriminals to infiltrate systems and steal or damage information.

The first step in creating a sound defense is to conduct a security audit. Your managed services provider can conduct a thorough assessment of your business infrastructure, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and recommending solutions.

IT security typically includes the following:

  • Firewall services to monitor your networks, identify potential threats, issue alerts and neutralize issues before damage is done
  • Application security to automatically update and install patches without disrupting users and monitor applications to close vulnerabilities
  • Email security to protect employees from phishing attacks, spam, malware, and adware. Email security solutions also encrypt your email, filter email and prevent data loss
  • Website filters to restrict access to suspicious sites and inappropriate workplace content
  • Wireless security to design, install and optimize wireless networks and monitor activity
  • Network access controls that establish policies and rules about who can access portions of your network, restricting access to only those that have an essential business need for the information
  • Penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities
  • VPN solutions to encrypt connections to your internal network, allowing off-premises users to access data securely

This enveloping security approach keeps your assets secure, monitored, and operational.

Can Managed Services Providers Develop Software?

Most managed services providers deliver IT solutions, cybersecurity, compliance, and employee training. At LI Tech Advisors, we also build customized software solutions.

Our custom software helps to improve internal workflows, enhance functionality for third-party products, or improve the way employees work. Customized software is budget-friendly and provides you with greater flexibility and time savings.

To learn more about LI Tech Advisors' services, contact us today.